Dominica Citizenship by Investment

If you are a citizen of Dominica, you can travel throughout Europe, including the Schengen countries and the UK, without needing a visa. Through hassle-free global travel and relatively simple visa application processes in the United States, Canada, and Australia, you can become a global citizen and take advantage of extraordinary opportunities. Make an appointment right away to learn more about the opportunity from our immigration advisor.

Benefits of Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Program

  • No travel & residency requirement
  • Children under 30 are included as dependents
    Parents & grandparents of the main applicant & of a spouse are part of the same application
  • Dual citizenship is allowed
  • No specific education or interview is required
  • Visa-free across 145+ countries
  • Zero taxation on worldwide income

Requirement for Dominica

To qualify for citizenship applicants must fulfill one of the investment options below in addition to meeting the following criteria for instant citizenship:

  • Be of outstanding character.
  • Hold no criminal record.
  • Have excellent health.
  • Have a high personal net worth.

Government Fund Donation

A single applicant can qualify for a Commonwealth of Dominica citizenship after they donate $100,000, a non-refundable amount.

Real Estate Investment

Applicant needs to buy approved real estate in the country for at least $220,000 and maintain ownership for a minimum of three years. Dominica citizenship holders are permitted to resell the property under the citizenship program after they have maintained ownership for 5 years. The real estate investment amount is refundable.

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Citizenship & Passport Program

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