Turkey Residency & Citizenship by Investment

Are you looking for a passport that allows you to travel visa-free to a wide range of countries? Look no further than Turkey! With a Turkish passport, you’ll be able to travel to over 112 countries without the need for a visa, including many popular destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and beyond. And the best part? You can obtain a Turkish passport in as little as 60 days through the country’s Citizenship by Investment Program. This program allows foreign investors to acquire Turkish citizenship by making a qualifying investment in real estate, a business, or government bonds. Not only will you gain the freedom to travel easily and extensively, but you’ll also have access to Turkey’s robust economy, rich cultural heritage, and stunning natural beauty. So why wait? Start your journey to a Turkish passport today and discover all the benefits that come with it.

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Citizenship & Passport Program

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Payment Conditions

Comparatively European countries, Properties prices in Turkey are very reasonable. A great number of construction companies in Turkey offer structured payment conditions that range between 6 months to 5 Years for their off plan and newly built projects.

Growing Economy

Turkey moved five steps up the ladder compared to year 2003 and ranked 13th in 2019 among global economies in terms of PPP. Turkey’s average annual GDP growth is 5.5%, improve its peer economies such as Poland and Czech Republic etc.

Real Estate Market

Approx 2.5 million properties were sold across the country in 2018. The real estate market in Turkey is filled with a wide range of properties from luxury sea front houses to downtown luxuries apartments, whether newly built or old.

Profit Margins

Yearly profit margin reaches up to 13% in turkey. You can sell your property $400,000 with an average of 35% profit margin in 3 years. Large national and international roads, transportation network. bridges, highways, and many other infrastructural.

Purchasing Process

Many years ago, buying or Investment in real Estate in Turkey required a long process of title deed transactions. In 2018 Turkey government made this process flexible. Today, the period between choosing a property and signing the title deed in few days.

Geographical Location

Turkey is Located between 2 continents and surrounded by the sea on three sides, Turkey has an advantage regarding the transportation of trade goods and accessibility. Not to mention how beautiful it is on the coasts of the Black Sea, Aegean, and the Mediterranean.

FAQs About Turkey Residency Permit

There are 6 options for residency permits. Which are short term residency permit, family residency permit, student residency permit, long term residency permit, human residency permit, human trafficking victims residency permit in turkey.

Application Form for Residency Permit, original and photocopy of passport, Power of attorney, 4  photographs, declaration and evidence of sufficient and regular financial facilities during the stay, official document showing residency of the applicant, applicable health insurance (one of the following ): • Bilateral social security agreements is proof that benefited from health services in Turkey • Evidence of Social Security and health insurance.

if a baby born in Turkey, then child’s mother or father should apply for child’s residency permit within 90 days to law enforcement authorities, according to central civil registration system.

Pursuant to Article 11 of Law number: 5683,  for people who have lost their residency permit should report to Police in the province and the aliens Office in the district immediately.

its mandatory to keep residency permit all the times, it’s a Proof to stay legally in Turkey.

If the foreigners who had stay for more then 120 days outside from the country, their residence permit can be canceled.

Foreigners who shifted to another province they must apply within 20 working days at the latest to obtain a new residency permit. In that case, additional charges will be not applied

You can apply for a residency permit when the title deed is transferred  any purchase of $ 400,000 property. The buyer can apply resident permit for his/her family as well.

FAQs About Turkey Citizenship

According to Turkish law applicant can obtain dual Citizenship, some countries dont allow the dual nationality, Applicant can check this with their own country policy.

Approval of Citizenship can be obtain if the application is verified and it does not pose any threat to the national security of turkey and all the requirement are fulfill.

Anyone who come to Turkey from any other country and want to be Turkish citizenship. They can apply accordingly by law,

if anyone buy at least $ 400,000 property any where in turkey. we will apply for transfer deed to the Government department of turkey, then your application will be processed for Citizenship. the processing time will be completed within 60 days.
Any family is eligible to grab the citizenship opportunities. wife/husband and all children under 18 can get Turkey citizenship accordingly by the Government policy.
Turkish citizenship were significantly reduced with the amendment after the decision of official gazette In Sep 2018,, the required wages to be a Turkish citizen have crucial dropped. Turkey citizenship became easy than before, as anyone buy property of a minimum $400.000 can obtain the Citizenship, Benefits of Turkish passport are visa free travel to 125+ countries globally.

Applicant can apply for citizenship under certain circumstances with the property that have not been completed yet or have been purchased on installments. but, applicant investment should be minimum of $ 400,000. Other necessary requirements will be shared by us on demand.